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Buying art is a very personal and subjective decision. For me, art is about the stories behind the work and the connection that I make with the work and the artist. I collect works that I can connect with and am able to bring my own interpretations to the works in relation to the intent, process and context of the artists. I like art that evokes feelings, whether it be eliciting a laugh, marvelling at the technique, discovering something new, reminiscing a past memory or most importantly making me think.

All the artists we work with are unique in either their views, content, style and technique, and whose works I would be very happy to have in my personal art collection. In choosing my top picks, I am applying my personal preferences that I hope will help inform your choices. If you need further information or advice, please feel free to get in touch at 


Redentore cyanotype by David WinstonI used to dabble in a spot of photography and am adequately versed in Photoshop manipulation to produce decent images. David’s photography, on the other hand, is well beyond most people’s capabilities and creativeness on different levels. Firstly, his eye for his subject is impeccable; secondly his analogous techniques of capturing images are experimentally exciting; and finally his image transfer processes onto paper are painstakingly unique using traditional processes such as cyanotype, gum bichromate and water-oil embellishments. As a result, his exceptionally stunning work is something that you just cannot get from digital or “ordinary” photography.

David divides his time living between the UK and Venice, hence his photography reflects the two cultural influences. Of his Venice images, my personal favourite is the Redentore cyanotype which always brings a cheer to my heart with the celebratory fireworks in blue. And after the year that we have been through, I can’t help wanting to remember it with Falling Sun, which celebrates the last sun of the year 2020 and remind myself that the sun will keep setting and rising again - a sentiment that should echo with all of us through these challenging times.

Other recommended works by David Winston:

Falling Sun cyanotype by David WinstonMoonwalk photography by David WinstonWaterloo No 1 photography by David WinstonSubmarine Gondola photography by David WinstonCarnavale di Venezia Blue Woman photography by David Winston


Homage to Gustav Klimt painting by Dani HumberstoneThe most distinctive feature of Dani Humberstone’s still life paintings is the contrast between her bright-coloured subject(s) against the dark black background using the Renaissance chiaroscuro method to great effect. This is finished off with a limited background in a generous black frame. The images may hark back to 16th century Flemish works but they are very contemporary where her fruits have such a sensuous juicy feel that you just want to pick them up, caress them and then sink your teeth in.

Although her single fruit “portraits” are very popular, it was, however, Dani’s quirkier work that made me sit up and take notice. She adds details such as her apple and pear going to a masked ball in My Secret Passion (sold) that give her paintings a surreal witty quality. I was, therefore, delighted that she has infused more life into her still life recently by producing an “Homage” series in this vein honouring her art history heroes. My pick of these is Homage to Gustav Klimt. I remember a time when every first-time house buyer/renter had a poster of The Kiss on their wall as an interior decoration favourite. I just think Dani’s pears in this painting are possibly the sexiest pears ever, very much in keeping with Klimt’s themes of romance, intimacy and sensuousness. What more could you ask for in a still life painting?!

Other recommended works by Dani Humberstone:

Homage to René Magritte painting by Dani Humberstone  Homage to Damien Hirst painting by Dani Humberstone    Homage to Pablo Picasso    Green Fig painting by Dani Humberstone



London Map Abstract drawing by Damilola OdusoteDamilola Odusote was one of the original artists I worked with in my first ever art fair and 9 years later he is going stronger than ever. I was first attracted to his intricate and flowing drawing that filled the entire paper. I found out later to my amazement that Dami very rarely sketches and draws straight from pen to paper which was even more astounding. He is a very prolific artist and every fair that we do, he comes up with innovative ways to expand the creativity of his art. I have never ceased to be amazed by his continuous ways to up his game.

Dami’s London TfL maps are my favourite maps of all time. He does a different one almost every year and are usually sold quite quickly. The details in these maps are quite incredible and you discover something new every time you look at it. With this London Map Abstract, he adds a depth dimension option with the framing to further enhance the experience. Bonus!

Other recommended works by Damilola Odusote:

Blue Blossoms mixed media drawing by Damilola Odusote



No Obstruction acrylic painting by Laura Fishman


Of all the artists I work with, Laura Fishman has by far complete mastery of her materials. There is nothing Laura cannot do with paint and her paint manipulation techniques are second to none. Combined with her eye for colour, her abstract works are exquisitely engaging, leaving viewers marvelling at how she orchestrated the pouring, dripping and blending effects on show.

Most other abstract artist can achieve some dramatic effects with pour painting but it is quite something else that Laura can use this technique to create unique abstract versions of the Star Spangled Banner and Union Jack flags. Her two-layered No Obstruction American flag is the crowning achievement. Having spent my educational years in the US, I have pledged my allegiance to the Star Spangled Banner in the past and I’m proud to do so now again. No Obstruction can come with dripping paint skins to stick on the wall and floor to enhance the dripping effect on request.

Other recommended works by Laura Fishman:

Colours United sculpted acrylic on board by Laura Fishman    Return To Spring acrylic painting by Laura Fishman    Hope Springs acrylic painting by Laura Fishman



Laundry Day mixed media painting by KV Duong


KV Duong holds a special cultural connection with me. Like me, he is from Southeast Asia, moved to North America and now settled in the UK. I first encountered KV’s work at his solo show, Too Foreign For Home, Too Foreign For Here. I read a preview about it and made sure that I went to see the show as I was intrigued by his subject matter of cultural identity and his search to fit in, which completely resonated with me. I was not disappointed. I got to know him better and found more common ground when he introduced me to his “body performance” art. I used to work in the performing arts in New York City and have sat through many performance art shows under the guise of contemporary dance at the Merce Cunningham Studio, PS1, BAM, among others. His body performance art is full of visceral energy, very much complementing his visual art practice and one day, I hope to present his entire body of work as a whole.

The artwork by KV that most catches my attention is Laundry Day. I am immediately drawn to the three little stools and transported back to my childhood in my homeland. Those ubiquitous stools are indeed found everywhere in Southeast Asia and the memories of hanging laundry in the sun which was a chore then, has a whiff of familiarity and nostalgia. Ahh, a slice of home sweet home…

Other recommended works by KV Duong:

Letter To Ho Chi Minh mixed media acrylic painting by KV Duong    Searching For Solace 3 Acrylic on paper by KV Duong   Last Evacuation (Monochrome Study) painting by KV Duong



Three Sisters On The Mooor by Chloe McCarrickWhere do I even begin to pick a piece by the lovely Chloe McCarrick among the plethora of stunning works that will suit every taste? Chloe is the artist that made me truly appreciate cyanotypes, a photographic process from yester years using natural sunlight. Not only do I admire her painstaking, meticulous technique and love she puts into every piece, but her subject matter of female empowerment sits very well with my interests. She also takes the “blueprints” to a different level with the use of gold, copper and zinc leaf embellishments. Then, just when I think I have run out of words to admire Chloe’s work, she takes another step up by introducing 3D multi-layered works and origami Turkish map folds which one must simply check out

If I had to pick one work by Chloe McCarrick for my collection, it would be The Three Sisters On The Moor. When I first saw this image honouring the Bronte sisters, I was immediately attracted to the sisterhood theme, being the middle one in a family of three sisters. However, I noticed a fourth face in the work and asked Chloe about it. She enlightened me that there were more Bronte sisters who died as children and at that point I knew what I had to do. I too had a sister who passed away as a child. I have no choice but to eventually commission Chloe to produce 3 Three Sisters, perhaps with different embellishments, one for each of my sisters and I to commemorate our sisterhood and love for each other.

Other recommended works by Chloe McCarrick:

Lady Lepidopterist 3D Circle multi-layered cyanotype by Chloe McCarrick  What It Means To Walk On Air cyanotype photography by Chloe McCarrick  Metamorphosis of Marie XL multi-layered cyanotype by Chloe McCarrick



Sentinel oil painting by Tom Down

I knew Tom and was keeping an eye on his progress before he won The Jackson’s Painting Prize in 2018. When the opportunity arose to work with him, I presented his solo exhibition at the curated London Art Fair Art Projects where Tom received critical acclaim as one of the top talents to watch.

I am in awe at the way Tom realises his intellectual rigour and combines it with his immaculate classical technique to produce highly polished intimate paintings that are instantly identifiable and distinctively original. His paintings appear quiet which belies the layers and layers of theatrical technique that goes into the works. Although he is inspired by 19th century Romantic landscape painters like Friedrich, Calame, Cappelen, and Bierdstadt, his works belong firmly in the contemporary art world of post-modernist simulacra where you think you know what you are looking at until you realise what exactly you are looking at!

My pick of Tom’s work is Seer but since I have to put my money where my mouth is, I’ve already added that to my personal art collection. The next choice is Sentinel as this is the last available painting of Tom’s popular green trees in the collection, and he is not producing any more trees. So literally Sentinel is the last green tree standing.

Other recommended works by Tom Down:

Hinterland oil painting by Tom Down


Hope 7 acrylic painting by Marit Geraldine Bostad

Everyone needs an artist like Marit Geraldine Bostad in their art collection. She is unconventional in the way she moves paint around, combining colours and textures to set the scene for viewers to bring their own meaning to her work. She paints with her heart and her emotionally charged paintings celebrating of her Nordic colour palette are a joy to behold. When I look at Marit’s paintings, I want to escape into her world of pure colour and emotions, leaving my world of order and logic behind. You don’t need to understand Marit’s work, just feast your eyes and feel…

My pick of Marit’s work is Hope 7 which was part of her recent solo show, Hope Island, in January-February 2021 at Gulden Kuntsverk, Norway. It was painted during the lockdown period and is full of positive energy in a time when we need it most. The circular motif and colour combination in Hope 7 emanate uplifting messages of optimism that what goes around will surely come around again in the circle of life.

Other recommended works by Marit Geraldine Bostad:

Fragments From The Past 1 acrylic painting by Marit Geraldine Bostad    Can't Ignore 1 acrylic painting by Marit Geraldine Bostad    Hidden Colours 2 acrylic painting by Marit Geraldine Bostad


Let's Play oil painting by Sal Jones

I freely admit that I am not the greatest fan of portraiture but with Sal Jones, her non-stereotypical portraits manage to capture the essence of her subjects in a cinematic and atmospheric style that I can connect. Sal mainly paints characters from film and television and therefore does not represent “real” people per se but instead utilises her characters to make emotional and cultural references indicative of our times. She uses dialogue for titles and sometimes as text in the work, usually out of context, blurring the cross-over between fiction and reality. I adore her filmic references and love her fantastic mark-making and double entendre use of text to draw the viewer into her work as a “nudge nudge wink wink” voyeur.

For me, Sal’s most charming work is undoubtedly Let’s Play, her portrayal of the intense Beth Harmon played by the charismatic Anya Taylor-Joy in the enthralling Netflix drama miniseries, The Queen’s Gambit. I don’t play chess but found The Queen’s Gambit absolutely addictive, just like I don’t usually engage in portraiture but find Sal’s work and Let’s Play in particular, absolutely captivating. Under the penetrating gaze of Beth Harmon against the glowing red shades of colour, Let’s Play really succeeds in delivering an empowering rallying cry to get your act together and let the games begin.

Other recommended works by Sal Jones:

Cover Up oil painting by Sal Jones  He Really Needs Some Guidance painting by Sal Jones  Turn Off The Charm painting by Sal Jones



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